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This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)
This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)

Valor Kick Scooter

The Valor Kick Scooter is the smallest full-size folding scooter, featuring new innovative Under-The-Deck Technology! Fold into the smallest footprint imaginable to easily fit in your bag, locker and in the backseat of any car, without the need to compromise on performance. Reach new heights of portability with an easy folding mechanism using the unique dual-bridge rotating clamps, ensuring all pieces click into place with almost no effort. Thanks to the adjustable T-Bar, which reaches a maximum height of 36", and a large footwell with a weight limit of 220 lbs, you can enjoy the Valor scooter with all your friends and family. Vibration dampening TPR Grips provide an enjoyable ride by absorbing shocks from bumps in your way, and the anti-rattle feature on the T-Bar reduces noise, so you can enjoy your ride in comfort. High-quality ABEC7 Bearings reduce drag, allowing the wheels to spin with minimal effort, and transporting you over larger distances with fewer kicks. The Valor Kick Scooter is built for those who want the freedom to go where others can’t, and the innovative folding technology, lightweight yet durable design, and high-quality materials, will get you there, without compromising on performance. Introducing Valor, the smallest folding full-size scooter for ages 8 and up. Backpack sold separately.

Product Features:
- Smallest Folding Full Size Scooter: The innovative Under-the-Deck Tech makes Valor more portable than any other scooter, so you can carry it in your bag or store in your locker and take it where others can’t
- Quick and Easy Fold: Pieces click into place easily with the high-quality dual bridge rotating clamps, allowing you to fold your Valor Kick Scooter into the smallest possible footprint for ease of travel
- Smooth & Comfortable Ride: Full-size scooter comes with Adjustable Anti-Rattle Telescoping T-Bar and TPR Scooter Grips reduce vibrations, so you don’t have to compromise on performance
- Advanded High Rebound Wheels: Urethane wheels are carefully crafted to provide maximum speed and smooth steering, to maximize outdoor fun
- Lightweight and Durable Scooter: Valor’s small footprint makes it extremely travel-friendly, so you can go where other scooters can’t. Perfect for boys & girls ages 8 and up and supports up to 220 lbs!
- Includes: 1 Valor Kick Scooter

Suitable for ages 8 years+