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This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)
This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)

Tamiya Epoxy Putty Smooth Surface

Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Smooth Surface)

Very high-quality epoxy modeling putty. The package contains 1 bar, the so-called filler and the so-called hardener in white and gray. The combination of filler and hardener in different proportions will allow you to obtain a mass with a different degree of hardness and a different drying rate. Before use, it is recommended to cut off the amount of putty ingredients needed only for a given modeling task from each strip, and then connect them together like plasticine. The manufacturer emphasizes its very good plastic properties and excellent adhesion to the surface. Contrary to acrylic or solvent-based putties, it is very suitable for leveling larger defects, gaps or other imperfections of the model - with a depth / width of more than 1.5-2 mm. It also shows no significant tendency to the so-called collapsing. The manufacturer declares that the time it takes to achieve total hardness (equivalent to the possibility of further processing) takes about 12 hours, but in practice it may be extended depending on the thickness of the applied substance. The presented putty can be applied to the surface of the model, for example with a wooden toothpick, a plastic spatula or a specialist steel applicator. It is worth adding that soaking any application tool in water significantly simplifies the work and makes the putty a very plastic mass. After it is completely dry, it can be processed with a file, the so-called with a sanding stick, sandpaper or abrasive (polishing) sponge. As in the case of other putties, it is recommended to apply it on elements cut out of the frames and already free of undesirable extruders. The surfaces adjacent to the putty part of the model can be protected with a model masking tape (for example: Masking Tape 12mm or Masking Tape 12mm ). The presented chemical will be of great help in building any plastic model at any scale. Due to its properties, it will be especially useful when working with figurines, as well as allow you to successfully create an imitation of welds or Zimmerite on German tanks from the Second World War, but also - with the appropriate dose of skills - it will allow you to correct various modeling details.

- Contents: 25g
- Smooth finish and easy application
- Two part epoxy
- Each part is packaged in a clear cellophane envelope
- It emits a trace amount of unpleasant odors and is almost odorless
- Designed for modellers and hobbyist
- High quality and authentic