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This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)
This is a Click & Collect webstore ONLY. Call us before ordering to ask about postage (costs apply)

Slackers Ninjaline 36 Inch Intro Kit

Obstacles include: 2-pc 10" Nylon rope knots, 2-pc 16" Monkey bar holds, 2-pc steel gym rings, 1-pc Traverse Ninja ring and book bag storage bag for easy portability and storage.

New design for our best selling Ninja line. Hang 36' X 2" Line between 2 posts or healthy trees.

Ages 5+, 113kg max capacity, convenient and portable, take to the Park or on a camping trip with included storage book bag.

Learn to train like a Ninja Warrior, create your own backyard gym.

The Ninja line was designed for versatility. Build core and overall strength and increase self confidence.

Just The Beginning...
Our Ninjaline Intro Kit is just the foundation of what is sure to turn into the best outdoor adventure course known to backyards! Once your Ninjaline is setup, and you have mastered these beginner obstacles, there's close to a dozen more obstacles available to bump your game up to the next level.

The possibilities are endless! Your Ninjaline training course could look different every other week! Track your progress and time each run to train like a true ninja warrior.

Quick + Easy Setup
Easy installation and thorough setup instructions make getting this training line up quick and seemless so your ninjas can get swingin' in no time. Place obstacles in whichever order challenges your skills best! Never get bored by rearranging and adding new obstacles to keep the challenge fresh.

The Right Trees
Subtract At Least 8ft from the available 36ft of line to account for wrapping around two trees and leaving enough line to feed through the ratchet.

Use a tape measure, rope, string, or yarn to find the distance between and around your trees to see if they'll work.

Traverse Ring made of ABS, fits over the Ninjaline to allow two handed jump movement down the line. Can be used at the end of the line where there are no pockets or over pockets with no carabiners or obstacles attached.

- Travel bag & ratchet cover, allow for clean safe setup and tidy secure storage.
- 36ft Ninjaline with 6ft Ratchet Line, 6,000lbs strength professional Ninjaline/ Slackline includes 14 pockets, and a reinforced ratchet with TPR handles.
- Set of 2 Gym Rings made of steel with an ABS textured grip, great for using body weight to train and develop overall upper body strength and coordination.
- Set of 2 Monkey Fist Knots[10"] made of UV resistant nylon rope. These unique knots mimic a ball grip, but is softer for easier grip.
- Set of 2 Monkey Bar Holds[16"] made of birch wood. Unlike the monkey bars at the park, these wooden dowels can be spaced across two safety delta clip sleeves or use only one to create a triangle.